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Bridefully Yours

Bridefully Yours was established to celebrate the uniqueness of being a lady. In an era where we are no long bounded by traditions, we find satisfaction in helping ladies rediscover their beauty and charms through our exquisite wedding gown collection. Every gown is designed after thoughtful consideration, as we handpick only the most premium fabric and laces that can accentuate our brides’ greatest assets and irresistible allure.
Our Philosophy
At Bridefully Yours, it is not just going to be yet another pretty gown, but one that empowers you and boosts your confidence; one that allows your inner beauty to shine through and helps you express your unique personality - whether you’re a dainty bride who loves everything sparkly, a chic bride who admires the sophistication of minimalism or a free-spirited bride who finds a home in the wilderness.

For the wedding of your dreams, we want to help you find the perfect gown that fits you like a second skin and utterly complements your distinct style. Not a gown that makes you pretty, but a gown that brings out your beauty.

Something uniquely you, something bridefully yours.
All the gowns in our collection are proudly designed by our team of designers who carefully monitors our #BYbrides preferences, as well as the upcoming wedding trends.
400+ Gowns
More is more!! We love spoiling our #BYbrides with choices. With such an extensive collection, you’ll surely be able to pick several favourites no matter what kind of gown you are drawn to!
Gown shopping is the highlight of every #BYbride’s wedding journey and our studio space is thoughtfully designed to be spacious and luxurious so that our brides always feel comfortable during their time here.