Exclusive Partners


Pictures / videos or it didn’t happen! Take your pick from our list of reputable photography & videography vendors whom we trust to immortalise your most special days for you!
Hey Stranger
$50 off PWS & $100 off AD ala carte rates
Bridelope Productions
$50 off PWS & $100 off AD ala carte rates
$200 off photography services
Smitten Pixels Co.
$100 off PWS & $150 off AD ala carte rates
5% off photography services
Multifolds Production
$150 off AD package
5% off photography services
Caline Ng Photography
$100 off photography services
Annabel Law Productions
$100 off photography services, $200 off photography + videography bundle
Hong Ray Photography
5% off PWS/AD services
Highest Kite Weddings
$200 off videography services
5% off ala carte services
Senica Productions
5% off ala carte photography services
Roam The Hills
$100 off > 8 hours packages
5% off photography services
Depth of Tales
$100 off pre-wedding & $200 off wedding day services
Cepheus Chan Photography
5% off photography services
Always Sunday
$100 off pre-wedding & $200 off wedding day services
The Visual Chaps
5% off their wedding day packages


Complete the #BYbride transformation with our handpicked list of makeup artists who are so amazing at their craft, they will surely help you look your best on such a special occasion!
Dear Muse Makeup
$50 off bridal makeup & hairstyling packages
Autelier Makeup
$50 off PWS (excluding 1 look), $50 off AD (excluding ROM)
Makeup Maestro
5% off 2 or 3 looks packages for same event
Cocoon Makeup
$50 off bridal makeup & hairstyling packages
Ling's Palette
5% off bridal makeup amp; hairstyling packages
Julie Kim Makeup
10% off bridal makeup & hairstyling packages (excluding optional services)
Dream Makers Makeup
10% off chief & principal, 5% off senior artist
5% off makeup services
Tang Yong Makeup
$50 off bridal packages
10% off all bridal makeup and hairstyling packages
Christine Tan Makeup Studio
10% off makeup services


Florists are always the cherry on top! Our aesthetic sense is top-notched and these floral designers are equally particular or even more, so we know you’ll be in good hands!
Liz Florals
5% off florals (up to $50)
5am Flowers