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Experience the magic of love in every season with our dream wedding gowns in Hokkaido. Immerse yourself in the romance of blooming flower fields during the summer, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors that perfectly complements your love story. Alternatively, embrace the serene beauty of winter with a backdrop of Hokkaido's thick snowscape, transforming your overseas photoshoot into a winter wonderland. Capture the essence of your dream wedding against the ever-changing, breathtaking landscapes of Hokkaido, ensuring a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
Hokkaido Pre-Wedding Package
Premium (Full Day)
8 hours of photography
40 photoshopped photo
300 - 500 original photos
3 locations
2 wedding gowns by Bridefully Yours
Makeup and hairstyling
Makeup artist follows and assists
20-page premium photo album
SGD 4,799
Package Inclusive:
Rental of 2 wedding gowns from Bridefully Yours Overseas Collections
Waiver of rental extension fees up to 14 days
Drycleaning & alterations included
Rental of bridal accessories