Bridefully Yours x OneThreeOneFour

New Zealand

Embark on a love-filled adventure with our dream wedding gowns in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. From the top of snow-capped mountains to the shores of crystal-clear lakes, experience otherworldly scenery that sets the stage for your overseas photoshoot. For animal lovers, New Zealand's charming farms offer a whimsical touch to your love story. Capture the essence of romance against the backdrop of unparalleled natural beauty and create timeless memories in a land where every frame is a work of art. Let New Zealand be the canvas for your dream wedding, where love meets the extraordinary
New Zealand Pre-Wedding Package
Premium (Full Day)
6 - 8 hours of photography
30 photoshopped photo
150 - 300 original photos
3 locations
2 wedding gowns by Bridefully Yours
Makeup and hairstyling
20-page premium photo album
SGD 5,099
Package Inclusive:
Rental of 2 wedding gowns from Bridefully Yours Overseas Collections
Waiver of rental extension fees up to 14 days
Drycleaning & alterations included
Rental of bridal accessories